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Gift Cards
Harware & marine stores to use, other cards to use or trade

Small inflateable (no leaks!)
Vacuum sander
Hand planes

Lindseed oil
wooden blocks (pulleys)
marine quality rope

Galvanized wire
1/4", 3/8" 1/2"

White Oak
Swamp Cypress

Schooner Lavengro
Northwest Schooner Society

P.O. Box 75421
Seattle, WA 98175

Lend a hand!

The crew hand "turned" Lavengro's masts using circular saws, power and hand planes, all manner of sanding implements and lots of muscle! She sails better than ever-- except for a little problem with her canvas blowing out underway, because the old dacron sails just aren't up to the job. New sails, and new running rigging are the order of the day! Can you make any donation to help Lavengro achieve yet another tack on her sail to complete restoration?

Here's how you can help:


Money is so very useful. Could you please send the Lavengro some?

Money sent through this PayPal link will only be used for Lavengro restoration and maintenance.


Live in the Seattle area and want to get your hands dirty? Email

Don't live near Seattle, or don't want to get your hands dirty? We have digital work projects that could use help as well as sewing and small wood/metal fabrication jobs for volunteers. Interested? Email the same address above.

Spread the Word

Pass the word along to your friends who might find the restoration and continued sailing of the 1926 Schooner Laverngro a worthy project. Check Lavengro out on

We hope you like it.

Join us at The Sixgill Restaurant for a fundraiser

Tuesday, March 29 at 6:30 PM - 9:30.
Want to help spread the word? Print and post an invitation on a bulletin board where you work/play/shop:

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