Charter FAQs

What clothing should I bring?
Weather can change during any voyage. Take warm practical clothing to wear on deck and good footwear is vital for walks onboard and ashore.

Do I have to pay extra if the voyage takes longer?
No. Voyages can sometimes be longer or shorter than anticipated depending on the wind and tides.

Can I work on the boat with the crew?
Passengers are welcome to join the crew in working while underway. Check with the captain for duties and your assignments.

Schooner Lavengro
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Schooner: A fore and aft rigged vessel of any practical number of masts above one, seven being the largest number ever used.
The Mariner's Dictionary
By Gershom Bradford

The American fishing schooners have now gone out of existence, except for one or two vessels preserved as museum exhibits. During the last sixty years of their evolution, as sail-driven commercial craft, they were admired at home and abroad for their sailing qualities, seaworthiness, and beauty.

The American Fishing Schooners, 1825-1935
by Howard I. Chapelle

In 1973, when historian Chapelle wrote these words, it did appear that the last of the wooden schooners would sink beneath the waves with scarcely a ripple of notice. Fortunately a number of people and organizations around the country had already fallen in love with a number of the surviving tall ships, and were working to preserve them. Lavengro exemplifies the Biloxi schooner.

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